It's trite…a worn and weary cliche…but nonetheless an absolute truth: A picture is worth a thousand words…or at least it can be. A truly effective photograph tells a story that the viewer understands at a very fundamental and emotional level.

The question is, are your images telling the right story? During my 16 years experience supporting marketing, communications, public relations and event planners, every job starts with a strategic approach. What are your objectives with the photography? Who is your audience? Where will your photos be seen?

Do you need a corporate photojournalist to capture a grant event with authenticity for public relations? Do you need storytelling images for a marketing mailer? Do you need headshots that engage viewers for your website?

Whether shooting from a helicopter, within a structure fire, or in the studio, I have had the unique opportunity to tell stories through iconic moments – both ordinary and extraordinary. If you have an important story to tell, we should talk.